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Steady Eddy Golf

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SteadyEddy is a revolutionary golfing product that attaches to your lead foot for improved traction, better balance, and a consistent swing tempo. The Steady Eddy is changing the game for all golfers alike. It has been reviewed and endorsed by golf experts and PGA Instructors and top 100 instructor Eden Foster. This durable spike system is the only one of its kind and a revolutionary new product in the industry.

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The Signature at MGM Grand

Indulgence begins at The Signature at MGM Grand, a luxury, all-suite hotel located within three distinct towers in a private gated environment. A peaceful, non-gaming retreat, the Mobil Four-Star property offers the ultimate in personalized service, just moments away from the excitement of MGM Grand. Tower 1 made its debut in June 2006; Tower 2 opened in December 2006; and Tower 3 opened July 2007.

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The Mirage, the hotel that introduced the concept of destination resort to the Las Vegas Strip in 1989, has undergone a stunning transformation to maintain its preeminent position in what has become an increasingly competitive tourism market. While introducing contemporary amenities designed to recapture the resort’s leading-edge position, The Mirage has maintained the exceptional service standards and serene tropical atmosphere that have distinguished it as a AAA Four Diamond Polynesian paradise.

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The future of DVD, videocassettes, CD-ROMs

How Technicolor has become the world leader in video duplication, CD and DVD replication with a capacity of one million units per day.

CEO Quentin Lilly and Scott Hettrick of The Hollywood Reporter discuss their vision of the future.

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Pac Man's 20th birthday

For its 20th anniversary, EWN announced the launch of the industry's first real-time action-adventure game, Pac-Man 3D.

EWN goes behind closed doors of the original developers of this video game icon to show how this latest 3D Anniversary game was created - and stacks up to the competition.

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Talk to your TV? Now it listens! 

A company in the United Kingdom is bringing the dream of interactive TV to homes now. iSeeTV technology will bring personalized one-on-one contact through television into homes everywhere. Futuristic experiences such as individual medical help, personalized shopping services, and unique entertainment are now being delivered into homes in test markets in the U.K., and will be coming to the United States soon.

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Hollywood parties are more than stars, music and frolic, when there's a good cause the stars come out to support it. Sure, a good time was had by all at the Race to Erase MS party complete with a 1960's theme, but the purpose was to raise money and that they did, a whopping $2.5 million dollars for the Nancy Davis Foundation for Multiple Sclerosis.

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"HE MAKING OF "Minority Report"

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Featuring behind the scenes interviews with Steven Spielberg, Tom Cruise, etc.

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New Release

The latest film from Academy Award winning producer Gerald R. Molen ("Schindler's List", "Jurassic Park") starring Christopher Gorham ("A Life Less Ordinary", "Popular", "Felicity") and Anne Hathaway ("The Princess Diaries").

This inspiring, heartfelt, coming-of age family drama tells the true story of a 19-years old John Groberg's experiences as a young man who travels to the exotic island of Tonga in the 1950's to become a missionary. Through letters, he shares his challenging, humorous and life-affirming adventures with "the girl back home".

"THE OTHER SIDE OF HEAVEN" was shot in spectacular locations around the Cook Islands and New Zealand, using many of the same key technical crew that worked on "The Lord of the Rings : The Fellowship of the Ring."



Email and chat are quickly becoming the primary means of communications between children today. Until now, parents did not have the means to know with whom their children were having on-line conversations with or, what they are talking about. It is clear now that this lack of information has proven to be very dangerous to our children. choozmail is the only and definitive solution giving parents the opportunity of full control over their children's email and chat use.

website: www.choozmail.com

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TV Quality Images Now Available via Videophone

Currently, only twenty percent of American households have a high-speed connection to the Internet via DSL or cable modem, but that figure is growing by one-hundred-and-twenty-five-thousand new users EVERY WEEK. With all this growth, cable and DSL companies are anxious to provide new services that can only be used with high-speed internet technology - services like videophone calling. One product currently on the market is the VisiFone.

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La Stella Lighting is a specialty house, where the collaboration of creative ideas come together to bring the ultimate lighting design for discriminating environments. They create colored glass gems in patterns and motifs designed to complement custom engineered, handcrafted frames. Their signature fused glass process brings a cutting edge technique to sculptural lighting. It is described as poetry in glass – a world of color, emotion and illumination!

Website: www.lastellalighting.com

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Gifted vocalist Jonelle Goddard and celebrated composer Kurt Bestor blend their talent to create a joyous celebration of Christmas. Inspiring words and melodies, beautiful, heartfelt vocals and majestic, poignant orchestrations wrap listneners in feelings of hope, joy, and the promise of the Christmas season.



From out of the comic books and onto the big screen, it's the web-spinning comic book superhero Spider-Man. The movie version adds a love story to the comic book plot enough to add real life to the cartoon characters.


The Rock Rocks in "The Scorpion King"

Opening in theaters on April 19, Universal Pictures' "The Scorpion King" stars WWF sensation The Rock, who reprises the role he created in "The Mummy Returns" in a spin-off of the studio's highly successful Mummy series. Co-starring Michael Clarke Duncan, Steven Brand and Kelly Hu, the film was written by Stephen Sommers, Will Osborne and David Hayter, from a story by Sommers and Jonathan Hales. Sommers, Sean Daniel, James Jacks and Kevin Misher are the producers with Vince McMahon serving as executive producer.


SPIRIT : Stallion of the Cimarron

DreamWorks Pictures' new animated adventure "Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron" had a star-studded premiere in Hollywood where many celebrities attended this family film with their children. The screening was followed by a block party featuring a live concert by Grammy winner Bryan Adams, who co-wrote and performs the songs in the film.